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Dr. Mama


What is a Dr. Mama? This is our term for someone who can take care of the majority of common illnesses that arise in the home. A Dr. Mama is able to see the signs of infection early on and knows what to do before it has time to build up. Most situations are easily treated if you have the know-how and the proper tools. We are not suggesting you should avoid going to the doctor when there is a need, but you can learn to see the symptoms when they are very mild and possibly prevent disease.

For example, your child has an earache or cold or flu. It is Saturday night and waiting until Monday morning to make an appointment with the pediatrician would be too long a wait. You’re not excited to go to the E.R., but what can you do?

The answer is- there is a lot you can and should do. That’s what this reference guide is here for, to teach you the tools you can use so you can administer to your loved ones with confidence as a Dr. Mama.

Listed below alphabetically by topic are common ailments and many simple remedies to support the body’s natural process to overcome disease.

Bumps And Bruises

  • Arnica- When there are bruises, bumps, sprains, or other physical trauma reach for Arnica

  • Hyland’s Muscle Therapy, Pain Relief Gel will make the tears stop as well as the bruising
    and pain. Works within seconds.

  • CBD Oil- topically can be used over bruises and sprains. While it is legal to use in Utah
    because it contains less than 1 percent of THC it is not guaranteed to pass a work drug test.
    Not recommended for children 18 or younger.

  • Pain Warrior- topical roll-on, avoid broken skin. It can cause temporary itching from the
    DMSO, this will go away within a half hour or so.

  • Epsom Salts Bath Helps a lot. Mix 1-2 cups in a standard-size bathtub with warm water.


  • Lavender– Do you want to see a miracle? When you get a burn, douse the burn with lavender essential oil. You won’t believe it until you see it. You can use multiple applications. Reapply when it starts burning again.

Canker Sores

  • Hyland’s Canker Sore Healing Dots– Homeopathic- Gently relieves pain and numbs without burning.

  • L-lysine– crush it up and mix with a tiny bit of water. Apply the paste on the canker sore.

Cold Sores

  • Lugal’s 2% Iodine– topically over the cold sore.

  • L-lysine amino acid– crush it up and mix with a tiny bit of water. Apply paste over cold sore. Usually, this will nip it, but if that doesn’t work, adults can take 500 mg orally daily or start taking it when they feel one coming on.

  • Pain Warrior– also takes the pain away and speeds up healing.

Cold And Flu

  • Mullein extract– Has been used traditionally for coughs and respiratory illness. Adults use 1 full dropper three times a day straight or in water. Mullein thins mucus making it easier to expel. It also calms the lung tissues, reducing swelling and making it easier to breathe.

  • Colloidal silver– Is effective in helping the body with viral and bacterial infections. You can spray it on skin rash, burns, add it to sinus sprays or rinse. If you have a cold or flu, start using it. You can spray the colloidal silver while inhaling about six pumps. What works the best though is using it in a nebulizer, which will allow you to introduce it into the lungs. This is very helpful when children or people with weaker immune systems have congestion in the lungs.

Cough And Sore Throat

  • Zinc Boost Throat spray– The zinc throat spray will specifically address the strep bacteria.

  • Herbal Throat spray– This is a supplement used to suppress coughs and soothe sore throats. Combined herbs to help speed up healing in the throat.

  • Cayenne– Will speed healing of the throat by increasing circulation and numbs the throat for a while. In a cayenne extract use 1-10 drops in warm salty water and gargle and spit. If using cayenne powder use just a pinch in ½ a cup of warm salty water, gargle and spit. You can also put a few drops in tea and sip it.


  • Ear Ezz– If you have painful ears, swimmers’ ears, ear fullness, painful ears in the wind, hard ear wax, or if you notice a runny nose with a child or your child tugging on his ears. Helps relieve pain, soften the wax and improve natural drainage, expels water from the ear canal. Note: Ear Ezz drops should be warmed to body temperature before using oil; follow up with cotton in the ears for at least 10 to 15 min. Adults can use 5 to 10 drops.


  • Cold and Flu Homeopathic– a liquid that includes ingredients for fevers such as Belladonna 6x, Bryonia 6X.

  • Hyland’s Fever Reducer– Homeopathic- works well and comes in quick-dissolving tablets children take easily.

Food Poisoning Or Stomach Ache

  • Lemon Juice protocol– one of the best remedies we have experienced. Fresh lemon juice can stop the stomach flu. You won’t believe it until you try it.
    Start with ½ tsp. of fresh lemon juice every 20 min. until lemon juice tastes sour, then use every 40 min. discontinue when sour. If symptoms return, start the process over.
    Take a small drink of water to rinse lemon juice off your teeth. The test is, if your body doesn’t perceive it as sour, you need it. Cut the dose in half for children and it is not recommended for infants.

  • Intestinal Guard– taken when symptoms start. 1 squirt for adults, 15 drops for 12 and younger. Not recommended for younger than 12 months.

  • Activated charcoal– Charcoal absorbs the flu toxin, removing or reducing flu symptoms. Two capsules as often as every two hours with flu symptoms. Sometimes it will increase constipation.


Use progressively until milk supply is adequate.
  • Fenugreek pills- Start with 2 Fenugreek pills three times daily for mild symptoms.

  • Dr. Christopher’s Lactation formula 2 pills three times daily.

  • Goats Rue- If that isn’t enough, add 1 pill for Goats Rue three times daily. Reduce if needed.

  • Water- Drink plenty of water and use natural salts or trace minerals. 

Nausea (Morning)

  Children and adults who feel nauseous in the morning may be suffering from a lack of or low digestive juices. Everyone’s body is different, and some take longer to wake up.

  • Warm Liquid – not hot like coffee, helps the stomach acids and enzyme functions wake up. Another thing to watch for is blood sugar lows in the morning, which can also be accompanied by very moody headaches. The fix is not to feed them sugar or carbs by themselves after dinner. When carbs are consumed with no or little protein, the body has a hard time regulating blood sugar and you are essentially fasting all night. When your blood sugars are low or just out of balance, it can make for a rough morning.   

I like mint tea, chamomile, or tulsi tea. I don’t suggest caffeinated tea or coffee, especially for children.

If warm herbal tea doesn’t work, you should try Papaya Enzymes chewable, before or with food.

Pain Relief

Use Hyland’s Homeopathics for Pain before other pain relievers. No known drug interactions.

  • Hyland’s Pain Relief– quick-dissolving tablets.

  • Hyland’s Headache Relief– quick-dissolving tablets.

  • Hyland’s Backache Relief– quick-dissolving tablets.

  • CBD Oil– use over area wherever the pain is generated. While it is legal to use in Utah because it contains less than 1 percent of THC, it is not guaranteed to pass a work drug test. Not recommended for children under the age of 18.

  • Pain Warrior– topical roll-on use wherever it hurts. It can cause temporary itching from the DMSO; this will go away within a half hour or so.

  • Epsom Salts Baths – can be very effective. Mix 1-2 cups in a standard-size bathtub with warm water.

Note: If using acetaminophen for pain, use it in conjunction with NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine). This helps protect the liver.

Sinus Infections

  • Xlear sinus spray comes in two varieties, Rescue and Original. Both are anti-fungal, bacterial, viral. There are studies that actually show it is effective in eliminating the Covid-19 from the sinuses along with other viruses.
      The rescue formula is formulated for ongoing nasal infections.
      The original is a less aggressive, more soothing formula for everyday use for sinus therapy and daily preventative, and is safe for children.

Sleeping Problems

  • Ashwagandha– Use 1-2 squirts before bed for adults and 1 squirt for children. Helps with anxiety, insomnia, and depression. If you find it hard to wake up in the morning, reduce the dose.

  • L-theanine– 200-400mg before bed for adults. 200mg for children. It can be used daily without creating a dependence.

  • Melatonin– use only as needed. Not for daily use; when used longer than 3 days, it can stop working and make it harder to fall asleep naturally.


  • Zinc- Most times, when you see someone with warts, they are 10 to 14 years old, or they are going through a growth spurt. When the body grows, it consumes more Zinc, which helps the thymus program antibodies to take out the wart virus. Therefore, you need more Zinc. Men should use 30 mg daily, Women 15 to 20 mg daily. These dosages would be applicable to growing teenagers down to the age of 14 years. Kids under 14 should take 10 to 15mg daily until warts are gone. Many quality multivitamins will supply the needed amount of zinc.

Infant And Toddler Specific

Colic And Gas

  • Kid-e-col– Use 10 Drops before feeding time. A very gentle blend of herbs to calm and comfort the stomach and GI tract. 

  • Mommy Bliss Gas Drops- when the gas bubbles will not stop after trying the Kid-e-col. 

  • Gripe Water Night Time with camomile– use before bed with babies that won’t sleep; use on an as-needed basis, not every night.

Baby Probiotics

  • LoveBug– to establish diverse, friendly flora in the gut. Don’t skip this one. This is the time to establish good gut flora, especially if they have symptoms or have been on an antibiotic or formula. In fact, having to do it all again with kids, I would have had my kids on the probiotic daily for the first 6 to 12 months of their life, to establish good gut health.

Nursing Mothers

  • Avoid- strawberries, tomatoes, green peppers, and banana peppers. The most common foods that make babies colicky because of the acidity.  As well as milk and sometimes wheat if the mother is sensitive.

  • Perfect Amino- will improve breast milk nutrition. In a low thriving situation, the baby can use the perfect amino as it comes through milk.

Constipation In Toddlers

When constipation develops in toddlers, a common theme is the toddler just started snacks or food with oats. While oats are not evil we find oats are one of the highest cereal grains containing glyphosate.

The other cause is not enough water or fruits and vegetables. When starting a toddler with grains and not enough vegetable fiber. Avoiding grains for a week may be very informative. Slowly add one grain at a time starting with rice.

Diaper Rash

  • Too Much Sugar– When parents come to me about a diaper rash that will not go away, I ask them about how much sugar their kids ingest. Their response is usually not hardly any at all. When I ask them about fruit juice, their reaction is usually surprised. Then they tell me they have been giving them juice. Fruit juice often contains a large amount of sugar, which feeds yeast. That, in combination with other fruits and baby foods mixed with fruits, is just too much sugar.

  • Luv Bug Probiotics– Cut out the sugar and fruit juice from the diet and start them on a probiotic. I like the age-appropriate Luv Bug probiotics.

Topical treatments for diaper rash:

  • Ear Ezz– has herbs that calm inflammation and fight yeast. If your child is sensitive to garlic this may not be the best option.

  • Born Free Baby and Eczema– an all-natural ointment that soothes the skin.

    Other items that will cause diaper rash include strawberries, tomatoes, grapes, cheap or fragrant diapers, and scented baby wipes.


Braggs Vinegar

Digestive Aid

There are many benefits of using organic raw apple cider vinegar. The most useful is as a digestive aid. Take 1 tsp in about 2 oz. of water before each meal. The largest benefit is before meals with heavy animal protein and fats, especially for people without a Gallbladder.


Gallbladder Headaches

Sometimes, a stressed gallbladder will give you a headache behind the eyes. The headache usually starts on the right side of the head and will sometimes radiate across the side of the head above the ear. Sometimes, another symptom can be a tight right shoulder. Taking the Braggs vinegar can relieve this type of headache. This type of headache is common for people who have had their Gallbladder removed. 


Food Poisoning

If caught before food poisoning moves to the lower bowel, Braggs vinegar can kill E-coli and Shigella, which are the bacteria responsible for food poisoning. Take 1 tsp – 1 Tbsp in at least 2 to 4 oz. of water. 



Braggs vinegar has also been used to help relieve arthritis by taking it with each meal as directed as a digestive aid.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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