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Diet & Exercise



Diet is one of those mysteries that everyone asks me about, deciding which is the best diet. Well, the truth is it depends on your situation. If you are having trouble deciding what foods are giving you problems, that is something we can help you with. A lot of the time, food intolerance is a week gut problem or leaky gut. Focusing on rebuilding the GI tract can bring many foods back that you thought you might never get to eat again.


If you have Arthritis, nightshades are the first food to eliminate. Nightshades like tomatoes can increase certain types of inflammation in the joints or the digestive tract.


A great nutritional diet to look at is the Mediterranean diet or Whole 30. One of the biggest mistakes with any diet is not enough veggies and too much meat.




Stretches... Stretches, I can’t say enough about stretches. When we stretch, it helps the body release toxins. Stretching with exercise helps invigorate the mind and body if you do it correctly.


I often hear, “I just don't feel well enough to exercise”. Adrenal stress, coupled with other issues, can make you feel like exercise is out of the question. I would suggest starting with increasing your steps throughout the day. Most phones have a pedometer or step counter built-in, all iPhones do. As the body's health improves, stamina returns, and physical exercise becomes a possibility. With a body that is sick, it is better to exercise in small amounts throughout the day over getting it done in one burst.


We are excited to help you take the next step!

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