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About Us

Many people ask me,” What started your interest in this field?” This is a very good question. When I was in my early twenties I found myself feeling tired throughout my work day. Depression had sneaked up on me and shortly after getting married I came down with shingles. I thought to myself, why do I feel this way? My whole life I tried to eat well, my parents made sure we ate a good breakfast every morning of eggs and oatmeal. We always ate three square meals a day, never ate a lot of junk food, no soda pop and yet I struggled with mediocre health all through my childhood. Where was the problem?


This type of thinking put me on track to find out why. I met a very helpful practitioner in the Salt Lake area who tested people the same way I do now. She was very helpful. She had the attitude of helping people get better, not treat them for just one condition but the whole body system. She was able to help me correct my health. She later helped point me in several directions to which I could learn and become a practitioner. She said one thing that has stuck with me since then,” If you are going to do this kind of work you need to do it right. Don’t cut corners, you deserve better and so do the people you will help.”


I was in a dark place when I started my search for better health. Once I found answers I knew others must have questions as I did. I want to help them find relief from this struggle.


There are many kinds of people that come into Choice Health Clinic. Some are already making changes to life style and diet. Each person can take many more steps to improve their health.


For those who are willing to put to work the health management techniques provided they can experience even better results.Please look through the rest of the web site there are many things you can start doing right away to improve your health. There are many resources listed that have helped me and my family.

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