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Lemon, the cure for the common stomach Flu and more? ( The Lemon Juice Protocol)

What is it about lemon and using it while you have the Flu?

Lemon contains vitamin C and citric acid. Vitamin C helps break up congestion in the body and another important roll includes building blocks for collagen in the body, but that is not the topic for today.

In an article, Using Lemon Juice Against Vomiting and Diarrhea by Fabian Schmidt (1)

He explains that citric acid can bind to some viruses like the dreaded Noro Virus, keeping it from binding to our bodies' cell and limiting its ability to replicate. He goes on to say how there are benefits of using lemon when consuming seafood like clams. When clams are cooked it kills the bacteria but not all viruses. Lemon has been used with seafood for just this reason.

Lemon juice also has a calming effect on stomach nausea. It is possible to consume too much lemon juice having an opposite effect. (2)

Now, I know nobody wants to hear about crazy home remedies or medicine man miracles, so I won't tell you any. My family and friends have been using lemon juice for helping with stomach flu or other flu-like symptoms for years. This is where the rubber meets the road, all the studies and information does us no good if it doesn't work in practice. I am here to tell you lemon juice does. When anyone starts to look sick we reach for a lemon, fresh lemon. I don't know why but we have found that, outstandingly, fresh lemon works ten times better. We call it the 'Lemon Juice Protocol'.

Start with ½ tsp. of fresh lemon juice every 20 min. until lemon juice tastes sour, then use every 40 min. discontinue when sour. If symptoms return start process over.

Take a small drink of water to rinse lemon juice off teeth. The test is, if your body doesn't perceive it as sour, you need it. Cut dose in half for children and it is not recommended with infants.

If you have a regular flu or any viral infection many people have good thing to say about using lemon juice. While, we don't know if Covid 19 is effect by lemon juice it stands to reason it should.

You can take a much more simple approach, just add 1/2 fresh lemon in a bottle of water and drink it through out the morning.

If you have had a wonderful experience with lemon juice share in the comments.

Brent Taylor B.E.P.

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