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Recommended supplements with Covid 19 and doing business as a small clinic.

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

With the advent of the Covid-19, I have been asked, " What supplements can I take to strengthen the immune system against the virus?" Below is a list of recommended supplements to use.

I would encourage you to call before you come down to purchase these supplements. If the clinic has to be closed due to Covid-19, we can still mail them right to your door. If the virus hits our local area, the storefront will run out fast. We only keep partial stock at our location so we can accommodate special orders and current clientele. We are a small business and do not keep a large inventory on hand.

With the high demand, I would encourage you to make a pre-order over the phone and prepay. Below items for purchase at the storefront can be ordered by phone or text msg.

You may not think of food as a nutritional supplement, but you might be surprised by the value of these few suggestions.

Eat winter squash and sweet potatoes often, these contain high amounts of Vitamin A and are very nourishing to the body besides.

Add edible mushrooms to meals. Most mushrooms support immune functions and taste great. Add them to soup, steak, rice, casserole, etc.

Take fresh Lemon every day. Add Lemon to your water or take it straight; make sure to rinse your teeth off if you like it straight. Fresh Lemon has many compounds that protect you from viruses. It helps with proper body PH levels, has vitamin C, and more. Please read my blog post on lemons and viruses.

Get sunshine. A moderate amount of sunshine increases your natural levels of Vitamin D, which is important in a viral immune response. If you are going to take a Vitamin D supplement, I recommend making sure it has Vitamin K2 with it. Vitamine K2 assists in the absorption and usage of Vitamin D.

Supplement list that I would recommend for viral infections.

Fresh Lemon Juice daily, try 1 tsp with meals or squees half a lemon in your water daily. Read my blog. Lemon juice has been helpful for many viruses like the flu. It may not eradicate the virus, but it does stand a good chance of helping the body with viral load.

Ear Ezzz ear drops-

This is a must-have for children. Kids get earaches, and adults get earaches, this product has a traditional blend of herbs that help fight infection and calm the pain. This product is used warm as an ear drop. It is great for not only earache but can be used in conjunction with antibiotics to help with a sinus infection or a sore throat. Use in the ears for sinus, throat, and neck relief. Some use it topically on the skin below ears and rub it into swollen lymph on the neck.

-Find it on Amazon(will be available online in 7 days) and at our storefront.

Immune plus-

The main ingredient is a mushroom extract that contains beta-glucans. Beta-glucan stimulates the immune system to make larger and stronger white blood cells. It is also referred to as an immune modulator and has helped with autoimmune disorders and general immune health. We find it works great as a stand-alone or in combination with other immune strengthening supplements.

-Find it on Amazon(will be available online in 7days) and at our storefront.

Intestinal Guard-

This contains herbs traditionally used to rid the body of parasites. It contains herbs that support digestive healing. If the good flora in your gut or body is suppressed with parasites or even some types of harmful bacteria, your immune system has to split itself in two directions. Take this product as directed on the bottle, cut dose in half for ages 4 to 10 years of age. If you have house pets or interact with animals, often, this product may be of significant benefit even though it doesn't directly affect viruses. The product is usually used for a 30 to 60-day stint accompanied with a probiotic.


-Find it on Amazon and at our storefront.

Colloidal silver-

Many different kinds of Colloidal silver are on the market. Which one do I use or is the best. Without going into a huge technical rant. These are the basics you need to know. If it is yellow, it is not intended for internal use. You want a colloid that is more often referred to as a silver hydrosol, and you want to know that the Nanometers are a consistent size no larger than 20nm. For this reason, I sell Smart Silver and Silver Advantage. Which provides excellent consistency and zeta potential.

How to use Colloidal silver for a viral infection?(1) The most effective way would be to Nebulize with 1 tsp., two to three times daily for 10 to 15 min. intervals. Covid-19 causes viral pneumonia, nebulizing with colloid silver directs it to the most effective areas in the body.

-Colloidal silver can be purchase from the storefront.

-Nebulizers can be purchased online.

A homeopathic for designed for use with any cold or flu is also an option. You must call ahead for this option. Homeopathic for a viral infection is very effective. Homeopathic is used 10 drops under the tongue twice a day as a preventative, and 10 drops every hour up to 5 times daily with symptoms. Homepathics are generally used 15 min. away from food.I highly recommend this option along with nebulizing with colloidal silver.


This product contains Vit A, C, E, Zinc, Lymph tissue, Spleen tissue, Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea) Root. With each ingredient, you receive vital nutrition to help the immune program antibodies to attach to and kill viruses. Generally, take 1 Pill three times daily while trying to prevent a major viral attack or while sick use one pill every hour up to six a day(adult dose)and take the supplement with food. Alternatively, if the supply runs out, substitute with Lymph/spleen complex.

-This product can only be purchase through a practitioner at my storefront.

Chest rubs- I do not have any direct recommendations

Frankincense, myrrh, menthol, and camphor are great ingredients to look for in chest rubs to reduce coughing and chest congestion.

Many essential oil blends are appropriate for this. Remember to cut essential oils with a carrier oil, especially with children, and some essential oils are strong.

Children's recommendation-

Nebulizing and using a homeopathic as recommend up above is great for kids also.

Dr. Christophers Kid-E-Well-

This synergistic herbal blend was designed to help strengthen and assist the immune system of children. This formula is powerful enough to be effective yet gentle enough to be safe. It tastes great and has been used traditionally during times of cold and flu.

-It can be purchased at the storefront or Amazon.

Zinc Plus Lozenges (chewable)-

I like to use this with Kid-E-Well as good nutrition for the immune system for children who cannot swallow pills. Contains

Vitamin C (as L-ascorbic acid), Zinc (as 50% citrate/50% gluconate), Bee propolis, Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea).

-Available at the storefront.

These statement have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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